Users and Participants

A user an individual who has an account on the site. A participant is a user who has been enrolled in a mobile job. Users may have one or more roles. The most common role is ROLE_ADMIN, which gives the user full access when they are logged in.


Users can register themselves on a site. To do so, they simply go to the site, and when prompted to log in, click on “New User Registration”. The first screen prompts them to create a username and password.

The username must not contain spaces or punctuation, except for “@” and “.” so that email addresses can be used as usernames.

Administrative Registration

Administrators can create users on the site. A user must be created before the person can be enrolled in a specific job. An administrator can create a user by going to the “Users” menu and selecting “Create a New User”.


A user can register a tracking device as part of their profile. All users must have an account, even if a project is closed and the user is not allowed to log in. This allows a single record for each user so that information like their time zone and mobile phone number do not need to be repeated throughout the project.

Users register themselves by going to the login page


Login Screen

Signing in with Google is trivial, and recommended since Survos Mobile also supports it, making for a very fast login and avoiding yet another account name and password to remember. Alternatively, the user can click on Create sn Account and be prompted with a screen that asks for email address, username, and password. The email and username must be unique on the site; different users cannot have the same email. The username may be the same as the email, which is what happens if the user registered via Google+.

Profile Editor

After logging in, the user is taken to a page that allows them to complete their profile. The field details are described in the next section, since they are a subset of the fields a project administrator will see.

The user simply fills in the fields and clicks on Save.


Survos Profile Editor

To enroll a participant: